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Defending Executives Accused Of Sexual Harassment And Other Wrongful Conduct

Even if you’ve done everything possible to mitigate disputes, they may still happen. That’s why it’s important to know who you can call to defend you in court, negotiate on your behalf and help settle disagreements. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, I can defend you in the following cases;

  • Defense of sexual harassment complaints. Throughout my career, I have defended managers who were accused of discrimination or other types of misconduct. I understand that being accused of discrimination can be upsetting and unfair. That is particularly true when the complaint is sexual harassment. Some attorneys will not represent anyone who has been accused of harassment or discrimination. I believe that there are always two sides to every story and that everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I do not believe that a person is responsible for discrimination or harassment just because a complaint has been made.
  • Representation in Title IX investigations. Colleges and universities often investigate claims of harassment and discrimination using their Title IX process. The Title IX process can be administered by the same office that has responsibility for diversity and inclusion. Employees of public institutions and employees with contracts have specific procedural rights. I have represented professors and students in Title IX investigations involving claims of discrimination and sexual harassment.

After spending years to build your career, the last thing you want is someone’s claims against you to ruin it. In addition to protecting you during a dispute, I can also answer your questions and help prevent a complaint from ruining your reputation and career.

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