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As a professional, your career will take many twists and turns. As your career evolves, it becomes increasingly important to protect yourself, your reputation and your future. I have helped countless executives throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas of Missouri navigate their employment contracts, severance agreements and other corporate contracts that affect their careers. For over 30 years, I’ve dedicated myself to providing tailored solutions to clients in employment law matters. Because I represent both employers and employees, I have a unique perspective on how each party will advocate for themselves. I have been recognized for the success I have fostered for my employment law clients by Best Lawyers in America in labor and employment law, and I am included in the list of Missouri Super Lawyers.

Your career is important, and you need an attorney who will protect your future as if it was their own. I am that attorney, and I can help you today.

How Can I Protect Your Future In Corporate America?

If you’ve spent years or decades building your career, you know how important it is to protect it. Every corporate role you take adds to skillsets and a network that you have painstakingly cultivated. My goal is to provide the legal protection you need to continue building a career that brings your pride. I regularly review various contracts and agreements for corporate executives and managers, such as:

  • Employment agreements. When you are hired, your employer may insist that you sign documents that contain confidentiality provisions and noncompete agreements. Before signing any agreements, you should understand what you are signing. I can review these documents and explain their legal effect to you. I can also help you negotiate with your prospective employer to get more favorable terms. If you have signed an employment agreement, you may find that you are subject to a noncompete provision that prevents you from working for certain employers or from soliciting customers. I can review these provisions with you so that you understand them before you take another job that might be prohibited by a noncompete agreement. Sometimes a former employer will be willing to agree to “waive” a noncompete, which means that an employee can take a job that the employee cannot take because of the noncompete. I have assisted clients in getting their former employer to “waive” the provisions of noncompete agreements so that they could work in the same industry after their termination from employment.
  • Severance and separation agreements. Many of my clients have come to me because they were let go and they received a severance or separation agreement. Depending upon the employer and the circumstances, I have helped my clients get additional severance pay. I have also helped my clients apply for unemployment and other benefits that they were entitled to receive.

In addition to what is listed above, I can also answer questions related to an employment contract or severance agreement you’ve already signed. If you’re not sure what you’ve agreed to, it may be beneficial to get clarification.

I Understand The Importance Of Protecting Your Career. Get The Protection You Need Today.

For over three decades, I’ve been proud to help my clients navigate the complexities of corporate contracts and agreements. If you have questions or concerns or you’re about to sign a contract that will affect your career, contact me today. You can send me a message online or call my office at 314-720-6890. If I don’t answer your call initially, I will do my best to respond promptly.