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How Do Corporate Formalities Impact Your Business?

Failure to follow corporate formalities can lead to personal liability for owners and majority shareholders. Using the corporate accounts as personal accounts, failing to have and document shareholder meetings, and using company assets for personal use are some factors that courts may use to find personal liability. I have decades of experience helping businesses throughout St. Louis and the rest of Missouri operate efficiently and legally. I can review your business’s operations and help you develop procedures that will avoid personal liability.

I Can Help Set Your Business Up For Success

Don’t let a small misunderstanding or mistake leave you personally liable. Understanding how corporate formalities work can be complicated, but I am here to answer your questions and ensure your business runs smoothly. Call me directly at 314-720-6890 to schedule an appointment with me or contact me online to get started. I’m passionate about helping businesses thrive and succeed, so no matter where your business stands today, I can help you pave the way for tomorrow.