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Don’t Let A Sexual Harassment Complaint Affect Your Company

Harassment claims can be dangerous for an employer. Once an employer has notice of a complaint, the employer should take steps to investigate. If the investigation shows that the complaint is valid, the employer should take action to prevent future harassment. In some circumstances, an employer can avoid liability altogether by showing it has taken appropriate action. A thorough, well-documented investigation is one step in this defense. I can conduct and document the investigation for you. I can also coach your managers or human resource professionals in conducting and documenting an investigation.

Prevent Future Complaints And Get A Fair Investigation Into Current Complaints

Appropriate employee training and documentation are the best ways to combat and prevent sexual harassment complaints. One complaint can take time and resources to investigate, so it’s important to do everything in your power to mitigate the risk of this issue. Not only do I investigate complaints of harassment, but I also work with employers to draft contracts, documentation and training materials that can prevent future legal issues.

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