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Draft Employment Contracts, Non-Competes And Severance Agreements That Protect Your Company

Employees in today’s economy are mobile. They change jobs for personal reasons or for other career opportunities. Intellectual property and a customer base are often the main assets of a business. Businesses want to take steps to protect this property. Courts in St. Louis and throughout Missouri allow an employer to protect these assets with non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, but the courts balance the employer’s interest in protecting its proprietary information against the employee’s interests. I have drafted non-compete and non-disclosure agreements for employers. I have filed suit for employers to enforce these agreements. Based on this experience, I can help you draft an agreement which will protect your confidential information and will also limit how an employee can compete against you after they no longer work for you.

Employers can also reduce their exposure to claims when an employee is terminated by using severance or separation agreements. In these agreements, an employer offers the employee severance pay in exchange for a release of claims. A carefully drafted separation or severance agreement can prevent the employee from later filing suit under the employment laws. I have drafted many severance and separation agreements.

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I understand what’s at risk for you company in a lawsuit. I also know how to mitigate the risk of legal disputes through appropriate contracts and documentation. Don’t let a poorly drafted contract cost your company tens of thousands of dollars; contact my firm today. You can reach me online or you can call my office at 314-720-6890. I do everything in my power to help my clients protect their confidential information, trade secrets and company’s success.