Representation That Protects Your Business And Your Budget

Advising Business Owners On Business And Employment Matters

After working with a large law firm, I decided to open my own law firm nearly a decade ago so I could cater to my business clients’ unique legal needs. I am business law attorney Susan Nell Rowe, and I thank you for taking the time to peruse my website.

You may be an entrepreneur, an established business owner or the leader of a nonprofit organization. No matter what your level of experience or the size of your new or longstanding entity, I believe you will find my law practice well poised to meet your needs. Most importantly, if I am your attorney, I will be working directly with you and for you cost-effectively, without layers of bureaucracy between us.

I Can Help Ensure That Your Business Or Organization Complies With Laws And Regulations

As a business person or organizational head, you no doubt have passions and skills that require your attention as you strive to keep your enterprise productive. Worrying about legal details should not stand in your way of operational excellence. You may consider me your “general counsel for hire” while you continue doing those things that you do best.

I have years of experience and an ongoing interest in helping small to medium-sized businesses and organizations thrive by taking loads off their owners and managers. Some of the valuable services that I provide through my firm, Rowe Law Office, LLC, include the following:

  • Drafting, review, revision and formalization of employment contracts, noncompete and severance agreements
  • Designing employees’ manuals and training protocols designed to lessen the likelihood of harassment and discrimination claims
  • Investigating claims of workplace harassment
  • Representing businesses and other organizations in employment litigation against claims of wrongful termination, discrimination complaints and other disputes
  • Assisting employers with labor compliance issues, helping them stay compliant with the FLSA, FMLA, and ADA

I can also assist with policies for hiring and terminating of executives and other employees while minimizing the risk of potential litigation.

Business Owners And Managers, And Other Organizational Heads: Put My Experience On Your Side

My background in business litigation for employers has given me experience in providing solutions and direction for businesses in many areas, including health care, retail, food service and hospitality, professional consulting, automobile, distributing and manufacturing. I have also advised nonprofit organizations and public organizations, including municipalities, in legal and regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution. I am here to answer your questions about employment law and help you avoid and resolve legal problems.

To request a consultation about employment aspects of your business or organization, call 314-720-6890 or send an email inquiry without delay.